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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


When you get tired of the Doofus father and son "reality" chopper show on TV check out Choppertown.

These are real people who really care about their choppers, bobbers, rails, and rods. No phoney mayhem, just plenty of good rides.

Brittown is a favorite of mine. Although everyone knows that I bleed Honda red I am the first to admit to a fondness for Triumphs. Back when I was working my way through UConn with jobs as a mechanic in motorcycle shops I spent one summer working on Triumphs. It was both frustrating and amazing. Beautiful polished connecting rods and crankshaft bearings that disintegrated in 1000 miles in the same engine. My Honda was faster and more refined but there was no denying that the Bonneville was the King of Kool!

Rosko sends this note about a new film from these guys.
The guys from One World Studios who produced the films "Choppertown" and 
"Brittown" have a new film coming out called "The harbortown Bobber" 
which will be showing on March 31st at the Anthology Film Archives on 
2nd Avenue in Manhattan. These guys have always been great supporters of 
NYCvinMoto with support for all of our previous events. We should return 
the favor and check out this film. Zack and Scotty who made the film 
will be there to hang out and shoot the breeze. I am organizing some 
sort of after-hang at MotorCity Bar on Ludlow St. More info as I get it.

The websites for info etc:
Let's get it together and make the pilgrimage to see what the real bikers are doing. See you there!