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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Climate change and political agendas

Two recent interviews on NPR caught my attention for their yellow press reporting on the two recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. In one, the interviewer kept pressing the scientist about the roll of global warming in the earthquakes. Surely the dreaded global warming must be the cause of these earthquakes coming so close to one another. The scientist patiently tried to explain the particular points of how an earthquake happens but the interviewer would not desist about global warming. Finally, the scientist pointed out that plate tectonics have been going on for millions of years and are not caused by anything humans do, or do not do. Duh!
In a second interview with a scientist from the Woods Hole Institute another interviewer again pressed the global warming argument and this scientist admitted that global warming could cause the sea to rise over time and put more pressure on the tectonic plates thereby causing a change in earthquake activity in certain specific areas. Smelling blood the interviewer pressed for more details. The scientist elaborated that if the seas rose between 10-20 meters (33-66') then the pressure might be sufficient to cause a change. Not quite realizing how big 10-20 meters was the interviewer asked how long this would take. Over 200 years! was the answer. Duh!
NPR has never let the facts get in the way of their agenda!

On a lighter note you might remember a group called OK GO and their clever treadmill video.

Now the boys are back with a new song and video.

Some people just have too much time on their hands!