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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Racing

Peter sent this article on Maine ice racing from the New York Times:
The NYT article is here. The video is here.

It looks like a lot of fun if you bundle up well. The racing is good cheap fun in a land where employment is scarce and a job at Walmart is considered a very good thing.

It would be easy to dismiss them as a bunch of Red Necks until you dig a little deeper and see this as a bright spot in a hopeless world. The jobs are gone as tougher environmental laws restrict the logging that was the mainstay of the area. When I tried to set up a trail system for dual-sport bikes a few years ago I ran into a lot of opposition. I argued that tourists would bring cash to the area but was told that the greenie groups were in control of the state agency. Better to have land where nobody except elitist hikers can go than to have jobs so that local people don't lose their homes?