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Sunday, November 9, 2014

You can't buy a ticket for this show

I've had a lot of unexpected pleasures on this trip. The latest was the party last night in Nashville. 

I wanted to visit my friend Troyce who has a house in Greeneville TN which is on my way home. However, he was going to be in Nashville at the time I would be passing by and suggested meeting him there at his sister's home.

So I showed up to a very interesting BBQ and Pickers Party. Now being Tennessee the BBQ was only excellent. I pigged out (excuse the pun). No chicken in sight, just ribs, beans, and coleslaw. And brownies!

I would have thought I'd hit the jackpot right there but then people started getting out guitars, mandolins, banjos, and every other stringed instrument you could imagine. They gathered around the fire pit in the back yard and commenced to play and sing.

None of that phoney conuntry-pop stuff. They were playing all manner of classic country songs. When I asked, I was told that these were local players, many of them studio musicians, who got together to play for themselves. The songs they sang were both the ones I knew and ones they had written themselves. 

And play they did! There was no stage or playlist, they just passed the lead around and played what they wanted. This was the sort of music that takes you around the bend and far along to the horizon. As a person who loves old school country music I was in pure heaven.

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