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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mexico - Day 4

When we last left our intrepid aventurer, he was casting about for a place to pitch his tent for the night. As we listen in we hear him say, "Dang, it sure gets dark when the sun goes down!"

Hmmm. Maybe I've been listening to too many old time radio shows.

I took what appeared to be a road to nowhere and went about 4 miles before selecting a wide flat spot for the night. It must have been a road to somewhere because several cars and pickups, plus a person on a horse, passed by in the night. On person yelled Buenos Noches but the rest just ignored me. So much for the dangerous Mexican outback.

In the morning I found that the low bushes on the side of the road were, in fact, the tops of tall trees anchored to the side of a steep slope. One missed curve and ...   As always, ignorance is bliss.

Meson D'Lucy
Inside with a real fireplace and shrine
In Yecorra I stopped for gas and was determined to find a real breakfast in a local place. The first place I stopped at was closed but they told me how to find another place. This turned out to be Meson D'Lucy.

With surprisingly little fuss I ordered breakfast and it was great! I'm getting much better at this.

Mex 16 turned out to be a wonderful ride. I am out of the flat desert and begin winding through beautiful hills.

In any mountains there are falling rocks, in the Mexican mountains they don't clear them out very often. Just something to keep you on your toes. Along with dodging the goats and cattle, skirting the potholes, and avoiding the sand on the road.

I was heading for Creel today, the gateway town of the Copper Canyons. My plan was to just ride east on Mex 16, take a right at the big road, left at the next big road, and cruise into town.

Fortunately, I took a wrong turn. The road seemed odd and then I ended up in a parking lot. I was at the Cascada de Basaseachi.

I was ready for a break so I hiked the 1.5 km trail to the head of the falls.

This was pretty spectacular. They have viewing platforms for you to look over the edge and stairs down to the stream in case you want to get really up close and personal. Including falling off the edge if you want to. Those little green things at the bottom are fully grown pine trees!

I was thinking that it would be nice to see this from the other side but didn't see any path around the canyon. Besides, I needed to get going if I was to get to Creel soon. So I backtracked and found the correct right turn.

However, my luck held and the road to Creel took me past another sign that said Cascada de Basaseachi. Seven miles down this road took me to the far wall of the canyon and the view I had wished for. Wow! To think that this was October and the water was 1/10th of the flow in the spring. How spectacular that must be.

After lingering for a while I got back on the bike and headed south. More about that tomorrow.

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