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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tires - Part 3

After this morning's post I called Cycle Gear - Austin at 1:30 to see if the tires were in. The first person said they would check, put me on hold, and 10 minutes later I hung up. 

I called back and got another person. They started to tell me about 4-5 business days for delivery when I hit the roof. I explained that I had been told 1-2 days. I told them that I had visited the store yesterday and was told that the front tire was already in. Basically, I told them to skip the BS and go find my tire. I wanted a tracking number and specific delivery date. I was not happy and told them so!

Suddenly, the rear tire appeared in today's shipment. Nobody had bothered to look. The tire mounting guy said he would have them ready by 3:00. I'm leaving in a few minutes to pick them up. 

Stay tuned. If the evening news mentions a thermo-neuclear explosion in Austin you'll know that I got jerked around again.

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