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Saturday, November 1, 2014


This is not the adventure I was planning on. My friend Jennie had me drop her off while I took the car to get oil and filter for my bike. No big deal except that this is a new, all computer car. No ignition key.

Jennie has the remote control with her so I can't get the car restarted. Worse, if I get in or out of it the alarm goes off for 2 minutes.

After not getting Jennie for half an hour I had to pee so bad I just jumped out and ran to a nearby restaurant. Everyone looking at me probably thought I was trying to steal the car. Getting back in was equally embarrassing.

I finally got through to Daniel who is coming with the spare remote. Until then I'm trapped inside this psycho machine.

I'll take my good old Chevy pickup any day. It uses real gas and a real ignition key!