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Thursday, November 6, 2014

NOT Flying

This picture my look familiar.

Cycle Gear has really dropped the ball on this one! I ordered the tires last Thursday (10/30) and was told it would take "2 to 3 business days". That would make it Monday (11/3) or Tuesday (11/4). I made it very clear that I was on the road and the bike was unable to continue. They said they understood.

I didn't bug them on Monday thinking that if the tires came in they would call me. Tuesday, nothing ...

Yesterday I went down to check and was told that, "The front tire is in and we are hoping that the rear tire will come in tomorrow or Friday." I'm supposed to meet a friend in Nashville this weekend and it is looking decreasingly possible.

The people at the Austin store are very nice. They're Texans, they couldn't possibly be otherwise. But nice doesn't get me back on the road. 

It seems that Cycle Gear has no Vehicle Down program to expedite orders for people who are stuck on the road. Nobody offered priority delivery options if any exist. My local shop, MotoConsult, gets tires either next day or the day after from Parts Unlimited when I order them. I thought that a company as big as Cycle Gear would have this sort of thing well developed but their responsiveness seems to be very casual at best.

By now I wish I had ordered the tires from Revzilla, Rocky Mountain, or Motorcycle Superstore. By now I'm thinking that even Amazon could have been a better choice! I would have gotten a better price and free shipping.

Customer service is what makes or breaks a company. This time the system is broken.

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