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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The first day of the rest of the trip.

Packed and ready for the road
I left Alameda yesterday to begin the solo portion of this trip. Finally, all the maintenance to the bike is complete and I'm ready to go!

My Dad telling me I'm crazy for the 20th time but wishing me a good trip anyway.
Four and a half hours later I was back in Foresta where it was warm and sunny. I had stopped along the way to buy a DeLorme California map book and once I had watched the sunset I spent the rest of the evening laying out plans for the next leg of the trip.

What a great day today is!

I have nothing to do, no place to be, and nobody to please but myself. Food is on hand, the weather is sunny and warm, and it is blessedly quiet. Plus, I found Cherry Garcia left over in the freezer from last week's stay.

My plan is to visit the ghost town Bodie tomorrow and then take back roads east to try out the AT on the roads I expect to encounter along the way.

From there I'll work my way down to Death Valley and spend a couple of days poking around. I found a good road guide that rates them for easy, moderate, or difficult. Depending on the heat (expected to be in the low 90's) I'll pick a camping spot lower in the valley or up into the cooler Panamint mountains.

The next several posts will be cel phone posts where I can't get a wi-fi signal.

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