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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mr Beth meets Mr Honda

If you're into vintage Honda's from the '60's and 70's you know the name, Bill Silver. Bill writes a column for the San Francisco Examiner about his adventures, trials, and tribulations with old bikes.

He is rightly known as Mr Honda and is the #1 authority on vintage Hondas in the U.S., if not the world. He has written several books and restoration guides on the subject. Check out the Classic Honda Motorcycles for a sample of the authority he brings to the subject.

Last night I caught up with him after his return from the Barber Vintage Festival in Alabama. We hadn't seen each other in a couple of years so, over some excellent Thai food, we caught up on each others activities. Five hours of chatting and story telling that made me remember a lot of good times with old friends.

But it wasn't just the old days that we talked about. Frankly, that's a subject that causes me to glaze over quickly. Been there, done that, had a salad.

We talked about current state of motorcycling and motorcycle collecting, contemporary motorcycles (good and bad), and some of the people we know and what they are doing now. We looked into the future of motorcycling and what the manufacturers are up to. So it was a little of looking back and gazing forward. In all, a most enjoyable time.

Beth at the track on her Ducati 900 SS FE
And who is Mr. Beth? That's what I'm known as at the track. Beth races and I'm her pit crew. Everyone knows Beth and I'm just, you know, Mr. Beth ...

What else have I done while I'm here in San Diego? Went to the beach of course!

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