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Monday, October 6, 2014

Another exciting day in paradise

I thought about heading out today but decided to spend another day at the cabin. As you can see from the photos, it's hardly a burden.

My decision to stay is so that I can do some in-depth planning for the next part of the trip. Instead of just winging it (my usual custom) I've been working out routes through the back roads of the Sierras, down through Death Valley, and on through the Mojave to San Diego. By tonight I'll have a detailed route sheet laid out to keep me on track.

Not that it's particularly dangerous. I have a 6 gallon gas tank with a range of over 300 miles. I'll be carrying all my camping gear plus an additional gallon of water. I've chosen roads that are marked as Easy or Moderate, leaving the Difficult ones for another trip.

This brings me to my ATM (Adventure Trip Mantra) - DBAJ - Don't Be A Jerk!

There are lots of cool things that would be fun to try but on a long, solo trip like this a tiny bit of prudence should prevail. Trying things that would cause damage to the bike or body are to be avoided. The salt flat that would be fun to rip across could have a soft spot in the middle that would mire the bike and send me flying over the handlebars like Clark Kent minus the leotards and cape.

Plans are always open to modification but having a plan to modify is generally best.

Burn Notice

Last week I rode the local roads and trails with Eddy and Karl. The last couple of forest fires have taken their toll and there are places that look like a lunar landscape. I thought I'd post the pictures now before I forget.

This hill used to be covered with trees and brush - all gone now. If you look closely you'll notice that the wooden guard rail has been burned away.

Standing in front of this I could just imagine the fire racing up the hill consuming everything in its path.

Karl and Eddy in another scorched area.

The sign said "Road Closed" which we took to be a challenge. The tree took some work to get around but the bridge was impassible. The fire had totally burned away the roadbed. We spent some time hypothesizing ways to get past it if we were caught in the Ebola-Zombie-Apocalypse but each of our theories were sillier than the last. We turned around and headed back for dinner.

Yes - that's a bear print.


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