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Monday, September 1, 2014

In The Beginning ...

Every trip starts with some concept. Usually it's a destination - I want to go to Moab and ride the White Rim Trail. Or, I want to ride the length of the TransAmerica Trail.

This time the trip started with a bike. My favorite bike of all time is my Transalp but I've always had a desire to own it's bigger brother, the Africa Twin. Although popular in Europe, Honda never brought the AT into the U.S. The only ones here were privately imported and thus very rare.

My friend Eddy had one along with a couple of Transalps. In fact, it's because of the Transalps that we met and went riding in the Sierras. So when he said that the AT was up for sale it was only a matter of when could I get there to pick it up.

Eddy on the Africa Twin
Eddy is in California and I'm in Connecticut. I suppose some people would have called a trucking company and arranged for transportation. For me, it seemed like a great opportunity for another adventure. Fly out, ride it back, smile a lot!

But what route? I've done US 50, I-80, and the TransCanadian Highway. Rt 66 is such a cliche that I never considered it. The lure of Mexico called again which naturally lead to the Copper Canyon.

Copper Canyon Map (not to scale)
So the route was set. San Francisco to Yosemite to Death Valley to San Diego. Cross into Mexico and process paperwork in Ensenada, then down to La Paz. From there I could take the ferry to Topolobampo at Los Mochis.

Choosing roads to the Copper Canyon I'll be picking secondary roads that will keep me away from the touristy places and allow me to experience the surroundings first hand. With the Africa Twin I'll be able to ride dirt roads to the bottom of the canyons and just camp out in the middle of nowhere. What could be more perfect?

Leaving the canyons I'll travel across northern Sonora and Chihuahua to cross back to the U.S. at Laredo. Then Austin, Memphis, Cheohala Skyway, Blue Ridge Parkway, and home. With a few side trips to see my friends of course. I depart Yosemite on the 25th of Sept and expect to take 6 weeks to cover ~4500 miles.

I leave next Wednesday (3 Sep 2014) to pick up the bike and get it ready for the trip. So subscribe to this blog, follow along, and enjoy my adventure with me.

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