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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Because bad things can happen to good people

Dirty hands and skinned knuckles were the order of the day as I installed the crash bars on the AT. Because the plastic panels are nearly impossible to come by and very expensive if I could find them the work was well worth it.

Looks simple but these things never go as well as I'd like them to. Let's see, just put the rear bracket under the engine bolt in back, then attach the front to the skid plate, and insert into the clamp on the frame. Hmmmm ...

This doesn't seem to line up quite right ...
Maybe a little nudge from a hydraulic lift will push it into place.

Of course the wrench won't fit so we'll have to make do with the old standby - vice grips!

Finally it all comes together.

Now it's time to go riding!

The Africa Twin with Eddy's Transalp
We went over Mt. Madonna on some paved and class 1 dirt roads to get to the shore. Tight twisty roads that really gave me a chance to see what the AT could do. Not quite a sport bike but very capable with a very willing engine.

We stopped for lunch at a bay front restaurant and watched the otters cavort around the kayakers. It was perfect weather for a ride and it was with some reluctance that we turned homeward.

Only 75 miles today but I'm very happy with the bike and ready to be on my way. But first, family matters tomorrow and another few days. I get to re-teach my dad black and white photo printing after he's been away from it for many years. Stay tuned for that one!

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