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Friday, September 5, 2014

I'm here, It's here, First ride

More travel. After arriving at the airport I took BART to meet Marty and we went to dinner where Gretchen met us. Great sushi. Then to bed at their home.

Yesterday I took BART again to get the CalTrain south to meet Eddy. Another dinner and off to bed. I'm not jet lagged but my bio-clock has not adjusted to west coast time yet so it's early to bed and early to rise.

This morning I woke up to have coffee with Eddy before he went to work. And then I ran out the door to check out my new toy!

After taking a moment to check out everything and thoroughly familiarize myself with the bike (approximately 0.002 nano-seconds) I jumped on it and started it up. 

Music to my ears! The familiar Honda V-Twin sound that I know so well. Eddy lives on 8 acres up in the hills. Time to explore. A Class 2 path lead up a hill from the house so there I went. 

No doubt about it, this is a BIG bike. It's a bit taller than the Transalp so I'm up on my toes. However, once I got rolling it felt just like the TA. It went up and down grades without trouble although the tires slipped a bit on the loose stuff. Easy to control with a touch of the brakes and a nudge from the engine.

I rounded a corner to find a family of deer out for a stroll. They looked at me with curiosity and then wandered off into the woods in no particular hurry. I was the visitor in their domain but they were willing to share. A quiet muffler helps put me at one with the surroundings.

A mile further I ran into a chained gate so I decided head back. Remember that tippy-toes thing? Well, I needed all my balance skills to back up and turn around. I'm sure I just need more practice but I don't want the thing to fall over and break something. Owning a rare bike means that I won't be able to get parts at the corner Honda shop.

So I have this huge smile on my face. I'm going back to Marty's today to get the rest of my gear and then I'll start getting the AT ready for the trip. YEAH!!

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