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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting ready for the TransAmerica Trail (TAT)

This summer I'm going to do another of those things I've wanted to do. I'm going to ride the TransAmerica Trail from end to end. And I'm going to do it solo. On a weird bike.

The TAT is the brilliant work of Sam Correro. It runs from Tellico Plains, TN to the Pacific Ocean at Port Orford, OR. Roughly 4000 miles. If you go to the TAT website and look at the pictures you'll see just how rough it can be. However, I think it should be 6 weeks of pure bliss.

This will be one of a series of cross country trips starting back in the '70's when I rode a Honda CB77 Super Hawk from Boston to San Francisco. The bike had clip-ons and a racing seat. I wore jeans, an old Army field jacket and a Bell helmet. I was as cool as Steve McQueen when I wasn't frozen like a Popsicle.

White Rim Trail, Moab UT

In 2007 I rode my Transalp on the old US-50 from Ocean City MD to San Francisco with time out to ride the White Rim Trail in Moab UT and the Sierra Nevada in Calif. I left my trusty bike with a friend and flew home.
Somewhere in Baja California Sur, Mexico
The following year I flew back and Marty and I spend 3 weeks wandering around in Baja looking for Fortune and Glory.

You go that way as fast as you want to!

2010 was the year to set a land speed record at Bonneville. We didn't make it but came damn close.

3 feet deep and running fast.
In 2011 I attempted to ride my CB1100F across country on US-6 but a major storm Irene flooded out the Susquehanna River to the point where the water was deep and fast. I was stranded for two days and then turned back. The wheel bearings were shot from repeatedly being submerged in the muddy water.

2012 was going to be another attempt to ride US-6. I was going to take the CB1100F and Beth was going to ride the CB900F. Unfortunately it never got past the planning stages because they kept extending my contract at work. I either have lots of money or lots of time but never both at once.

So, this is the year for the TAT. Come hell or high water. I'm getting the bits together and will chronicle the preparations as they come along. Then I'll post along the trail with shots of the good, the bad, and the ugly.