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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas - Part 3

Yesterday I mentioned Mondo Enduro. This classic adventure is available as both a video and book

Mondo EnduroMondo Enduro: Around the World Adventure on Two Wheels 41 Countries in 405 Days

The concept was to take the longest way around the world in the shortest time. Several English lads who had little adventure bike experience decided to attempt it with brave hearts and little else. Underfunded and ill prepared they forged ahead against all odds. Does the 8mm movie camera give you a hint of what they were working with?

Forget those latté swilling hacks who took valets and film crews with them. These guys are the real deal and had the adventure of a lifetime. Half of them completed the journey and all lived to tell about it. Great fun for a winter's evening. I've watched mine dozens of times with friends and never gotten tired of it.

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