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Monday, December 6, 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas - Part 2

Chris Scott is the guru of all things involving adventure travel on two wheels. In the video Mondo Enduro the lads went to visit him for advice before setting off on their round the world trip. As they said, "We foolishly ignored his advice and paid the price."
Adventure Motorcycling Handbook, 5th: Worldwide Motorcycling Route & Planning Guide (Trailblazer)

So who better to write the best adventure book than Chris? The Adventure Motorcycling Handbook is the bible of off road riding. It covers everything from selection of bikes, to preparation, and then riding techniques.Now in its 5th edition Chris has updated it to include all the current information. If there is anyone on your list who is about to take a trip (or dreams of taking one) this is the first book to get them. 

When I went looking for my copy to see what edition I had I found it to be missing on my bookshelf. It would be a nice Christmas present if the person who borrowed it were to return it.

 Sahara Overland, 2nd: A Route and Planning Guide (Trailblazer)Morocco Overland: 45 routes from the Atlas to the Sahara by 4wd, motorcycle or mountainbike (Trailblazer Guides)

You should check out his other books  Sahara Overland and Morocco Overland. It's been many years since I've traveled through North Africa. I should make it a point to return soon. With Chris's aid and advice of course.

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