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Friday, December 31, 2010

End of the year - End of an era

You may not have noticed but Kodak stopped producing Kodachrome last year. Yeah, me neither since I was shooting Illford for b&w and Fuji for color back then. Today, the final roll of Kodachrome will be processed at Dwayne's Photo in Kansas. The last of the specialized chemicals were poured into the processor and at the end of today it will be all over.

I switched to digital a year ago. The final nail was the Canon D7 which matched my wish list and tore me away from my EOS-1v hs. It is certainly nice to be able to pack a whole day at the track onto a pair of 16gig chips rather than have to change rolls every 36 shots (which the motor drive could blow through in 4.5 seconds).

If you are really despondent you can always order the t-shirt from Dwayne's Photo.

Here is an excellent article on the history of Kodachrome by the NY Times.