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Friday, June 11, 2010

Girls - are they ruining racing?

In case you haven't heard, Elena Myers became the first woman to win an AMA Supersport class race.

She won AMA Supersport Race 1 at Infineon Raceway on her Suzuki GSX-R600. You can read her account of it all on p68 of the July issue of Roadracing World. Read an on-line biography here.

So my question is, Where can a guy go to be a Manly Man if a 16 year old girl can throw a whoop-ass beating on him at the track? Is nothing sacred?

Actually, this should come as no surprise. Women have been racing all along, and not in the Powder Puff races of days of old. One-on-one, Mano-a-Womano! In the USCRA woman are racing and winning at every race meet.

Want a woman that is really tough? How about Ashley Fiolek who is racing Moto-X with the boys on the Honda National MX Team!?

While all those so-called feminists are whining about equality and calling their lawyers at every imagined snub there are real women out showing the men the way around the track with no excuses and no apologies. I, for one, wouldn't trade them for all the skinny, pneumatic umbrella girls in the world!