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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Corvettes Return To Le Mans Grand Prix

Corvette will return to Le Mans this weekend after a gap of 37 years. The race, properly known as the 24 Heures du Mans, will feature a parade lap of 50 Corvettes representing race cars and historical models. The New York Times has the story here. Here's a great documentary of the first Corvettes at Le Mans in 1960. It's a half hour long so grab some popcorn or pizza.

Doubtful that Corvettes are up to the task? Read a comparison of high end sports cars here.

I have to admit that, having owned several British sports cars (Triumphs and an MGB) and a couple of Miatas, I have always wanted a 'Vette. It just seemed so much cooler than the tiny roadsters I could afford. A satirical article of long ago joked about various race track teams. The article is long gone but I can paraphrase:
While the rest of were trying to coax another meager half horsepower out of our pathetic little engines the Corvette crew was busy setting their valves with air driven impact wrenches. Our girl friends were known for wearing sensible shoes while theirs were in pants and tops that left us wondering how they could possible breathe although we were secure in the knowledge that none of them were in the least danger of drowning.

We started our cars with a noise like the mewing of a cat. When a Corvette started the ground shook and the skies parted. The roar was as if the voice of Almighty God had spoken to us and pronounced that "All was Good!"
If anyone remembers the article and has a copy I'd be deeply indebted.