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Friday, May 21, 2010

Rev'it Sale coming up in Brooklyn

From Tex:


I know it seems like we have a sample sale every time the wind blows, but we still
have lots of stuff to get rid of and our storage space is just too small!

As always, there will be a wide assortment of men's and ladies motorcycle apparel -
gloves, jackets, pants, leather and accessories at greatly reduced prices! 
Most of the gear will be in samples sizes (medium/large), but there will be plenty
of lightly used, tested or flawed smaller/larger stuff as well.  Cash is highly
preferred (expedites the process and keeps the lines small), but credit cards are

Also, please spread the word. I do my best, but there always seems to be lots of
folks left out.

Saturday, June 5th, 10am-4pm.

REV’IT! Sport USA Showroom
275 Conover Street, Suite 5-P
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Check out their catalog here.