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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fitness and riding

Went for a ride yesterday and came home with the usual soreness in my right neck and shoulder muscles. The ones that get tight because they stay tense holding the throttle grip. It's my own fault. Not because I don't have a cruise control but because I haven't been doing the simple exercises that would build up the muscles. I'm talking really simple, like shrugging my shoulders 20 times while I'm sitting here at the computer. Lifting them up 20 times, rotating them in forward circles 20 times, and rotating them in backward circles 20 times. How tough is that? How lazy to avoid doing it?

Here's a very good article on exercise and motorcycle riding. Here's another one that concentrates on exercises for track days. And one more for sport riders.

For racers it's especially important to be in top shape. What's the point of getting the hole shot and setting the pace for the first few laps if you are exhausted and get passed at the end? Strength and endurance are key to top performance. I used to run until a friend pointed out that running has little to do with riding other than making me sweat. Bicycling tuned up all the senses and muscles that I needed for top motorcycle riding. Nothing like pedaling a hilly 20 miles once week to make you ready for a fast 20 laps at the track.

Don't complain that you don't have the time. Skip Survivor and become one!