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Monday, May 31, 2010

Free subscription to Motorcyclist magazine

This is a nice offer from the folks at Roadgear
Dear Riding Enthusiasts

We've got another free offer. We have teamed up with the good folks at Motorcyclist to give out 8,500 issues of one of the best Moto-Magazines. To take advantage of this offer, you must rush. Last time we made a similar offer, the sign-up rate exceeded all expectations. The subscriptions were all taken in less than 60 hours. Thanks readers! Talk about
catastrophic success!

The first 8,500 respondents qualify for the Motorcyclist magazine offer! You—as well as your riding buddies—are eligible for this freebie. Just get the word out—and go to: Free One-Year subscription to Motorcyclist and follow the sign-up instructions.

Are we crazy to offer such amazing, no-strings attached giveaways? Not really. It is part of our strategic initiatives. Hey, we have been in a recession, and such endeavors build goodwill with our readers which ultimately does lead to increased revenue and profits—the name of the game.

ROADGEAR is committed to being your one-stop shopping experience. Please check out ROADGEAR’s continually updated website and Staff Favs. So have fun, order a lot and keep us busy. Summer’s here and you need to gear up. Please get the word out to your riding buddies, too.
Having joined the social media revolution, we invite you to fan us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Check out the limited time Special Offer we have posted there. Feel free to share your motorcycling experiences, photos and videos with us on Facebook. You can email us too at
Now let's go out and ride! 
Evans Brasfield
Managing Editor