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Sunday, September 26, 2010

RS125 Sets Land Speed Record

I can't take any credit for this article in Hell For Leather. I just wanted to pass on the story and images of a racer in the same class that we raced in that is only 25cc larger than the limit for our engine. Read the article about how they managed to squeeze 146.77mph out of an RS125 engine. The real trick is their aggressive application of streamlining. Using a center hub steering mechanism allowed them to get a height only a couple of inches greater than the wheel. It's certainly an inspiration for our attempt next year. I intend to borrow several of their concepts!

When you read the article check out the pictures in the strip at the bottom. When I first clicked on the strip it only showed a very small picture. Click on that to get full sized images. They will show how truly tiny this bike is.

Good Job and My Congratulations To Them.