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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Racing For 7th Place

One of the greatest races of my life was at Shannonville Race Track. Another racer and I were fighting it out for 7th place. Back and forth, the effort was heroic. I was pressing it so hard through every turn that I was sure it would be my last. Two gladiators never fought so hard!

I think I pulled it out at the last moment but it was the close racing I remember, not who won or lost. When we were back in the pits the other racer rushed over and gave me a big bear hug. "That was the best racing of my life!", he exclaimed. I was in total agreement.

Racing is about a lot more than just winning. Nothing is more boring than being in first (or any) place by half a lap. Round and round you go, unchallenged and uninspired. That's just going fast. Racing is when it's up close and personal.

So it was with Beth and Jack in the last race yesterday. It was fast, it was close, and it was personal. Back and forth they battled, passing and repassing, pushing harder than they knew they could. In the end Beth prevailed but you wouldn't know it by the smiles on their faces as they pulled into the pits. They just sat on their bikes, reluctant to let the moment end, and savored the moment.

Racing just doesn't get any better than this.