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Sunday, September 5, 2010

1st Annual MondayMotoMadness Tiddler Tour

Correction: This has been moved to Sunday, 24 Oct. so it won't conflict with the Barber races.

No poster yet but the date has been set for 24 Oct. The rules are Old and Small. It's up to you to determine how that applies to you. Think CB350 era and older, slower, and/or smaller from there.

However, nobody will be turned away. If you show up on a new CBR1000RR we'll just assume that your tiddler is in an indeterminate state and that you'll motor in the spirit of the ride.

Departure is at 9am from MMM HQ (150 Kinney Rd, Amston 06231) and will proceed about 60 miles through the countryside until lunch at Harry's in Colchester. Not a bad trick considering that it's only 7 miles from the house as the Super Hawk flies.

After lunch, another 60 mile ride to return to the homestead where a chicken BBQ will await. Amy has offered to bring materials for s'mores but holding hands and singing Kumbayah around the fire is optional.

This is a self-guided tour and route sheets will be provided. You must have a route sheet holder (or stupendous photographic memory)! Hopefully my choices will live up to the high standard set by Doug Roper in the spring. Lots of back country roads and no freeways.

Doug and Amy have graciously offered camping at their home for those who need it.

Prizes of Tom's Genuine CT Maple Syrup will be offered for:
  • Most creative route sheet holder
  • Oldest bike to complete both courses
  • Smallest bike to complete both courses
(In case of a tie the contestants will play Stone Scissors Paper until a winner is determined)


You ride tall when you ride small !!