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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Granite State Race Pictures

I finally got all the pictures from the USCRA Granite State Races at Loudon posted. All 1100 of them! They are here and here. I had to break them into two parts to get them all uploaded.

The first group are mostly in the pits and are the work of Jennifer Ditacchio of NYC fame and fortune. Check out her website for more of her work. The rest are point and shoot with a long lens and a fast motor drive. I didn't try to edit out any but the worst ones because I think there are many that are not great photos but which show lines, positions, and lean angles that may be of interest to riders who would like to analyze and improve their skills. There are several videos at the end of the second group.

As usual you are free to download any pictures that you want to pin up on your wall. The high resolution images are available for about the price of a shot of Irish whiskey.