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Saturday, February 7, 2015

An award

Last night I was given the Rider of the Year award by the British Iron Association of CT. This was for my ride from Calif. to Conn. which was documented in this blog. The presentation was made at the annual Cabin Fever dinner party.

Mr Beth is always happy to be recognized

However, it was not without the usual mishaps of my life as you can see above. The real plaque is locked in one of the members' truck. The lock was frozen from the recent storm and the plaque trapped inside. Or so they say ...

In it's place I received the made to order dinner plate you see above with the Mr Beth inscription. Beth is the social maven of the family and I'm just her humble servant.

It is a very nice award and I've been assured that I'll get the real thing at the next meeting. What inscription it will contain is still a mystery. I'll post a followup when I get it.

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