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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

References - DBAJ & Road Classes

I'll mention these as references that I'll refer to later. 


It's my mantra when traveling solo.

Don't Be A Jerk

My check on myself to take the long view and not take stupid chances. 

Road/Trail Classes

These are what I came up with over the years of trail riding and organizing the New England Transalp Rally. They are obviously subjective and subject to interpretation. Your mileage may vary.

Class 0 - Paved road
Class 1 – Graded dirt or gravel - eg county road – Yo momma in a Corolla.
Class 1.5 Rutted dirt road – Yo momma with bad language.
Class 2 – Dirt road that would damage a car but not a pickup truck
Class 3 – Two track – rocky or muddy single lane suitable high clearance pickup
Class 4 – 4 wheel drive due to loose rocks and/or slope
Class 5 – 4 wheel drive due to rock faces, sand, or jungle
Class 6 – Single track – easy
Class 7 – Single track – moderate
Class 8 – Single track – hard

Class 9 – Single track – extreme – expect damage and pain

W1 - water crossing easy - puddles and mud
W2 - water crossing moderate - streams and small rivers - axle deep
W3 - water crossing extreme - fast rivers, swamps, bogs

Most adventure travel is on Class 1 & 2 roads with the expectation that Class 3 may always be lurking around the next bend. W1 is expected and W2 is a possibility. Beyond that I invoke the DBAJ mantra. When traveling solo I'll do it if I have to but will look for a viable alternate route. Still, sometimes you just have to suck it up and go for it.

Photo from the TransAmerica Trail

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