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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dual Sport Quiz

Please answer all questions honestly and keep a list so you can figure out your score at the end.

1) What is an MT21 ?

A) Tire
B) Missile
C) A mountain.

2) When using a roll chart, on which side of the handle bars is it best mounted ?

A) In the middle
B) Right hand side
C) Left hand side

3) When riding off road on gravel with fully inflated tires, is it best to ?

A) Lower air pressure
B) Add a little more air
C) Find an alternative route

4) When riding along a very narrow trail with a drop off to one side, is it best to ?

A) Send your riding buddy along the trail first to see how he does.
B) Slightly lean your bike away from the drop off side, while counter balancing your bike with your body weight.
C) Place the bike in neutral, and try to walk it out.

5) While riding in an event you notice a rider with a flat tire, do you ?

A) Stop to help them
B) Close your eyes and hope they go away
C) Mark their position on your roll chart so you can advise someone at the next check point

6) You're pulling the best wheelie of your life in front of a large crowd, when you notice that you're running out of road. Do you ?

A) Push the cut off switch on your bike
B) Pull in the front brake and push down on the bars
C) Roll off the throttle and apply a little rear brake

7) You're riding along some twisty country lanes, when you come to a Harley rider broken down. Do you ?

A) Stop to help them
B) Ride on by while laughing loud enough for them to hear you.
C) Stop and grab your cell phone to call your buddies up, so they can all come over and have a look

8) You've just fallen off your bike and it's leaking gas on to some dried out grass. Do you ?

A) Pour some water on to the leaked gas to help break it down
B) Set fire to it, and wait for it to fully burn off
C) Dig up some dirt and cover the grass over

9) You come to a road sign which reads. "Not recommended for motor vehicles, enter at your own risk" Do you ?

A) Turn around and find an alternative route
B) Knock the sign down, and wait for some unsuspecting motor home driver to come along.
C) Give your riding buddy the thumbs up and go for it.

10) You're riding along a forest service road when all of a sudden a cat sized rodent jumps out in front of you directly in your line of path. Do you ?

A) Swerve in to the direction the animal came from
B) Open the throttle and try to ride over the rodent
C) Slam on both brakes and hope for the best

11) You're all alone and 29 miles from your camp site in the middle of a forest when you get a rear flat tire. You don't have a spare tube or any way of fixing the flat, but you do have some duct-tape. Do you ?

A) Wrap the tape around the tire and wheel and ride back to camp at a slow pace.
B) Remove the rear tire and wrap the tape around the wheel rims, and ride back to camp at a slow pace
C) Throw the duct-tape at that Harley rider that just blew by you, you remember the one you didn't help from question 7.

12) Is it easier to ride a bike with a ?

A) Front flat tire
B) Rear flat tire
C) Remove the air from the non flat tire so both are flat and level

13) You've just rode 200 miles through a desert and our air filter is as clogged as a Dutch mans feet. You have done a quick filter clean with some gas from your gas tank, but need to oil it. Do you ?

A) Use some baby oil from your bag of toiletries
B) Use any remaining oil off of your chain drive
C) Use some oil from your engine

14) You're just about to ride a stream crossing. The stream isn't too deep but the bed is cover in rocks. Do you ?

A) Take your boots off and walk your bike across
B) Lean as far forward on the bike as you can to help keep the front down and ride across slowly
C) Keep your weight to the rear of the bike and ride across slowly

15) Which of these three items would you find more useful on an adventure ride ?

A) Cell phone
C) Hydration system

16) Is "neutral" classed as a gear ?

A) No
B) Yes
C) A little green light comes on my instrument cluster

17) A trail is totally water logged, the mud is 2 inches deep along the entire length of the trail. Which brake has the most stopping power ?

A) Front brake
B) I'd use the gears to slow down
C) Rear brake

18) You've just hit reserve and know you have enough gas for 18 more miles. You have just traveled 18 miles from your truck to get to the point you are right now all down hill. But you know there is a gas station 19 miles further down the moutain. Which direction do you go ?

A) Go off exploring
B) Back to the truck
C) To the gas station

19) Which of these items would you find most useful in the desert ?

A) Empty water bottle
B) Book of matches
C) Lantern

20) You're riding along and have a sharp pain in your chest. Do you ?

A) Pull over and take an aspirin
B) Start coughing
C) Ride to a phone booth.

21) When riding up a steep rocky hill which of these three choices do you use the least

A) Brakes
B) 2nd gear
C) Horn

22) You're 45 miles from home, one of these three items is just about to fail on your bike. Which one would you prefer to break ?

A) Sub-frame
B) Clutch cable
C) Head gasket


Receive 5 points for every "A" answer.
Take away 5 points for every "B" answer
Receive 2 points for every "C" answer.

0 to 10 ... You don't own a bike do you ?
10 to 20 ... How long you owned your Harley ?
20 to 25 ... Not bad, let's ride sometime
26 to 34 ... Way to go !!!! you know your stuff.
35 to 45 ... Not bad, not bad.
46 to 55 ... At least it's only time you wasted
55 to 110 ... Keep taking the meds please

If you score was 30 points .... EXCELLENT !!!!!!
Top Rating.

This quiz is just for fun.