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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

York Report

I had to skip the NYC motorcycle show at the last moment. NYCVinMoto had a great booth that had a lot of visitors and generated over 200 new subscribers to the email list. Good Job!

I did make it to the York Swap Meet held by the Potomac Vintage Riders. What a great event! This is going on my Must Attend list from now on. It was about 40% vintage, 40% dirt bike, and the rest miscellaneous bikes and parts.

 I saw a beautiful TZ250, an unrestored flathead Harley that had gathered quite a crowd, and uncountable Bultacos, Maicos, and DT-era Yamahas, There was a vendor who had nothing but Ossa NOS parts and reproductions. Another one specialized in NOS Penton parts. Lots of British bikes to drool over. And on, and on ...

It was like a mini-VMD! Just like VMD some of the best action (and deals) were in the parking lot. In spite of the bone chilling rain it was worth the walk to see bevel-drive Ducati twins going for very reasonable money. I bought lots of parts but next year I'll have to bring more money.