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Sunday, January 17, 2010

LSR Perspective

I was talking to Kevin Cameron last night at the USCRA banquet about our LSR plans. He gave me a lot of insight into what to expect when we get there. For instance:
  • They call it the Salt Flats for a reason. It's all salt. Salt, of course, hates all things electrical. Therefore I should expect gremlins of every sort to creep into the wiring of our racer. His suggestions:
    • Use individual wires instead of a wiring harness.
    • Do not use plug type connectors, use screw type junction blocks.
    • Label everything.
  • The altitude is 4000 feet, plan on raising the compression to compensate. Jetting will also need to be adjusted to conditions.
  • The cars leave ruts that can trap a motorcycle's tires, stay out of them.
  • Have a person designated as "Den Mother" to keep an eye out for people getting dehydrated, overheated, sunburned, etc.
  • Wear big hats.
And the list went on. I asked if he would mind if I called or emailed with more questions. "Sure, here's my number." was his reply.

Here is a generous person freely sharing his experience. Our team will much better for it. Thanks!