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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Goodbye to a good friend

Keeping to my New Year's Resolution I sold my '65 BMW /2. I first bought it in Calif and rode it up the coast before shipping it back to New England. Then I rode it quite a bit before switching to other bikes, most usually my Transalp.
This bike was a mongrel. It had an R50 frame, an R60 bottom end, and an R69S top end and carbs. It had quite a few special parts like a deep oil pan and factory tachometer. There have been many friends on modern sport bikes who were surprised that they couldn't lose me on this bike. On the straights they could pull away but in the curves I would reel them in and paste myself on their rear view mirrors. It was all a matter of knowing what the bike was capable of and planning ahead.
The odd thing about this bike is that I have never owned another bike that was nearly as good as a chick magnet. Something about the classic looks and stately manner seemed to appeal to women of all types. They would just come over and start talking to me. I know it was the bike and not me!
I always meant to do a full restoration on it but I never got around to it. When my friend Guzzi Doug saw a picture of it he said, "I've got to have that bike!" Last Sunday we made the transfer. It will soon be on it's way around the world on yet another one of Doug's adventures. He has already made two circa-terra trips; one on a '42 Indian and another on a '48 Harley. The bike is going to where it belongs.