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Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Way West

Loading up and getting ready to take more motorcycles to Utah.

Done it dozens of times. Head down to I-80 or I-78 and turn right. Easy-Peasy.

Or not ...

First the overdrive disengaged. Then the transmission temperature light came on. When I stopped for gas at the NJ/PA border I decided that although it seemed to be running well I should stifle my usual keep going regardless attitude and head home. I had 1 Ducati SS, 2 race bikes, and a 1965 Honda Scrambler. All bikes that I would not like to disappear should I be stranded on the side of the road somewhere. 

Limping home on I-287 and I-95 looped me around the CT hills and along the flatter shoreline. I didn't want the transmission to work any harder than it needed to so I kept a steady 55-60 mph and let all the Saturday night party crew pass me by. Not that they hadn't years ago. 

Home without further excitement. 8½ hours and 387 miles round trip.

I'm guessing that the transmission cooler wasn't doing it's job which means a new radiator. While it's in the shop I'll have them check it over for anything else they see. Rick at Tarca's Auto Repair has always taken very good care of my cars and trucks. Hopefully he'll find time to fit me in so I can get back on the road quickly.

An interesting note is that I appear to have a 5.9l engine rather than the 5.2l that it was described as when I bought it. A few extra ponies never hurts I suppose. The last truck I bought had a V-6 instead of the V-8 I was told. I guess I need to pay more attention to these things next time.

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