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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Way Round In Circles

The old truck is dead. Terry, at Terry's Transmissions, called and told me the bad news. It runs fine but only in 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears. First, second, and overdrive are past tense. If I was handy and had time I could find another transmission and swap it but I don't so the truck is up for sale. Cheap, Very Cheap!

The hunt for another truck has begun but the results, so far, have been ludicrous to bizarre.

This looked like a nice truck but when I went to take it for a test drive the Check Engine light came on in 2 miles. When I got back the Sales Manager assured me (with a straight face) that it was only the oxygen sensor and he already had the part. 

"OK", I said, "I'll come back tomorrow when you get it fixed.

He replied, "I'm very busy, you'll have to leave a deposit if you want me to fix it."

What an incredibly novel sales technique! Show the customer a defective product and then charge them to fix it so they can buy it.

This was the next one I looked at. A 2006 Chevy Silverado. I talked to the salesperson on the phone and he seemed far more genuine that the last guy. He told me that it had new tires and brakes, and that there was room to negotiate on the price.

So off to Rhode Island I go. The truck looks nice but the "new tires" are only on the front. The back ones would have to be replaced immediately. When I made an offer the sales guy said that he had to talk to his father who owned the business. What? You're over 25 years old and Daddy Dearest doesn't trust you to make a deal. No surprise since he wasn't backing his son and wouldn't budge on the price.

Just to put the frosting on the cake, the tailgate wouldn't open. Hello, it's a pickup truck that gets loaded with stuff. Do you expect me to lift my motorcycle over the back when I want to take it somewhere?!?!

I thought maybe a Suburban might be nice so I called up about this one. Maybe it was but the salesman informed me, "That was sold a few days ago." and hung up on me.
Apparently the ability to update their website was right up there with their customer courtesy skills.

This Tahoe was on CraigsList. Since a Tahoe is just a short Suburban I called about it. Sounded like it was worth a look and then a little voice kicked in. "Do you have a clear title on this vehicle" I texted. He texted back that it was lost but assured me that Rhode Island didn't issue titles for 2000 and older. 

A little research confirmed the no-new-title issue but since he claimed to have owned the car since new he would have had gotten one when he bought it. I told him to call me when he found it or could get proof of ownership papers from RI DMV. I'm still waiting ...

I'll end this exciting series with a beauty from eBay. It's rough but sounded reliable. Banged up door, Plexiglas for one of the windows, and no A/C made me think that it would go for a reasonable price.

I put in a bid and waited for the auction to end. I even upped my bid when somebody else outbid me. However, it seems that the owner holds his truck in much higher regard than any of the bidders did. I was high bidder but it never reached the reserve.

And so it goes. I have a rather impressive stack of Benjis sitting in front of me but can't seem to give them away. All I want for them is a fairly priced tow vehicle that will get me to Utah with a trailer attached.

Apparently, that's too much to ask. However, tomorrow is another day and I've started a new list !!

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