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Friday, April 24, 2015

Larz Anderson Motorcycle Exhibit

The Larz Anderson Museum in Boston is showing a new exhibit of motorcycles titled Beauty of the Beast beginning 8 May. Sounds like Art of the Motorcycle Boston Style.

This museum focuses solely on motor cars and cycles, both antique and modern. Their lawn exhibit days are a special joy.

Here is part of the announcement.
The new exhibit will be exploring the motorcycle from an artistic, historic, mechanical and cultural perspective will open to the public on May 8th. The exhibit will examine the life history of the motorcycle, from the pioneering 1800’s era – when an engine was simply bolted to a bicycle – through the present day technological and artistic triumphs achieved by manufacturers in Asia, Europe and the United States, leading to a shift in cultural perceptions, and a world-wide fan base of enthusiasts.
There will be a special Opening Party on 7 May from 6-10 if you would like dinner and a preview showing. They usually let you wander about more freely at these events in case you want to look a little closer at the bikes. 

See you there!

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