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Friday, January 16, 2015

My friend Dave sent me this in reply to my post about motorcycle lights.
I think your stuff like calling folks with auxiliary lights "people with more money than common sense" is off target and silly if serious but it makes for the kind of fun snarky journalism folks like and will read.  :)  Personally I wish I had them for conspicuity as I think there is evidence (and I've seen some anectdotal first hand) that the wide and low lights make drivers aware of another vehicle approaching at speed rather than just seeing a single light with no idea it's coming at 75mph... I'm too lazy to install though.  Other stuff is similar as I laugh every time I see someone who wrecks in jeans and complains they don't understand how the doctors screwed up and allowed infection to take their leg three weeks later  ;)  All good though as guys like you and me always disagree on a ton of stuff.  
I have a lot of respect for Dave's opinion. He's a better rider and all around better person than I am. He has a very valid point. More lights could indicate that it's a motorcycle coming at you instead of a nimrod with a burnt out headlight. I say could because if they blind the oncoming driver because if they are mis-aimed (and most of them are) they become counterproductive. A blinded driver is not your best friend.

If each vehicle is traveling at 55 mph then the closing speed is 110mph. This is not a lot of time to be critiquing lights on oncoming vehicles. At 75mph there is even less! Why is anyone riding at 75mph on a back road and relying on some lights mounted to their crash bars to maintain their safety? As always it's the wing nut attached to the handlebars that secures our futures.

Lastly, if Dave thinks it's such a great idea, why hasn't he mounted some on his own bike?

Thanks for the the thoughts Dave. Back at ya! =;^)

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