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Monday, September 5, 2011

Cross Country Trip 2011

The Bike - 1983 CB1100F

The Plan - US Route 6 - CT to CA

I was going to fly out to Calif to see my parents when I suddenly became unemployed. Too good an opportunity to pass up I thought. Jet Blue said that I could change my reservations for a small fee ($100) but that it would be cheaper to just not show up for the flight west and then use the eastbound half of the ticket. You have to love airline thinking.

My first choice was my NX650 but then my friend Paul called me and told me about this cool bike that I had to go see. I went, I saw, I bought! The CB1100F is an old school UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle). Inline 4 cylinder engine, long wheelbase, upright seating. It has power everywhere, not hot rod power but smooth, effortless power everywhere in the rev range. At 586 pounds it's not "flickable" but it is rock solid once you set it up for a curve and is agile enough for spirited riding in the twisties. Add a comfy seat and a tiny wind screen and it just begs to eat the miles.

US Route 6 runs from Provincetown MA to Los Angeles CA. This was the main way to get from New England to the west coast before there were interstates. Unlike Rt 66 most of it still exists and is a trip back into an earlier America. I've ridden parts of it but never the entire length. This time I will.

I've got a couple of friends to see along the way but I have no reservations or time schedule other than being in Yosemite by the 16th. Some days may be fast, others may be short. I'll be camping whenever I can but I've always been a sucker for a '50's style motel.

I'll keep posting progress here each day. Stay tuned for more adventure.