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Sunday, March 27, 2011


The mighty Buick Roadmaster wagon is quickly disintegrating and I needed to replace it. But what to buy? Most of the cars on the road today are too dull to even contemplate. The choices seem to be SUVs, bigger or smaller, Mommie vans, jelly bean imports, and those cutesy cube boxes on wheels that you have to be 20-something to own. Dull, dull, soul killingly dull.

With the 200 mile commute to and from NJ I wanted something that would be comfortable on the road. And I wanted some room to pack my dirty laundry and some other stuff as I went back and forth. The Miata is a great car but I want to keep it for all the fun times, not just the drone back and forth each week.

I looked at several '97 Thunderbirds as a good road car with some style and flair but every one I looked at had a rust problem. One I found near Atlanta had ultra low mileage and (presumably) no rust but it was a bit more than my budget allows at the moment. Did I mention that I require a car that I can pay cash for?

Yesterday I opened CraigsList for another tour of rust and destruction. Whoa, right at the top of the list was a '95 Lexus SC300 coupe! The asking price was a stretch but it's a car that I've always thought was one of the prettiest cars ever built. Very understated.

I has a straight 6 cylinder engine with an automatic transmission. It's roomy for 1 or 2 with a back seat for groceries or amputees. Best of all the owner and I were able to come to a price that we could both live with. In my best juevenile delinquent manner I drove it home with plates from another car. I'll get it registered next week.

It won't be able to tow or carry dirt bikes but it will be a delight to drive. It's basically a Toyota Supra in a Lexus body. I can't wait to try out the heated seats on the next freezing morning!