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Monday, January 3, 2011

Medicine Balls

Did you get your ball yesterday? I didn't think so. But I will continue in hopes that somebody out there will listen. Think about your last long ride, did you come home with sore and cramped muscles? Were the lap times at your last race or track day a lot better at the beginning than at the end? If true, your muscle tone and endurance are not where they should be.

So you need to get the ball AND the book. I'm no Phys-Ed guru, just a guy who's trying to pass on what worked for me.

The Great Medicine Ball Handbook: The Quick Reference Guide to Medicine Ball Exercises

The Great Medicine Ball Handbook is all you need. Michael Jespersen, Andre Noel Potvin know a lot more about this stuff than I do. The booklet is under $10 and has lots of pretty pictures of the exercises.

Buy it at your local book store or order it online and tomorrow I'll tell you which exercises (and how many) worked for me.

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